" Dear Sirs, I've acquired a number of Amps stuffed with 'Tripath' chips, mainly from China, totalling in a number of 8 meanwhile.
I am doing that because I am interested in this technology and want to learn from the different implementations.

Your implementation of the TA2024 chip is by far the best-sounding one for this chip, judging from what I have received so far, based on the same chip designation.
Your Amp has a real great sound-stage! I'm driving a DIY pair of Fostex FE-103 TL's with it.
The sound, after 2 hours of listening, is just to be described as 'lovely'.

Your Amp definitely is worth the extra Euros to be spent for an optimized design made in Europe!

Thanks for the product and I love it!

- Klaus, from Germany.

I am extremely happy with my Bantam, I am still auditioning and am currently persuading friends and family to have a listen and make a purchase.

I must admit, I was a little sceptical about how it would sound, but in the back of my mind, with all the researching I have done, I think I knew it was going to be a great amp.
I think I shall have to order another in the not too distant future for my office area.

I am not great with the technicalities and words of the norm Hi-Fi buff but the Bantam certainly separates instruments better than my current NAD C350, and it not like I'm listening to a Left and Right speaker any more, I can even locate drums that are next to each other. It also produces a great sound effortlessly, there is certainly no need for full volume at any time. (currently using Mission 701 speakers).

Its great to buy yet another "British" Hi-Fi product from a great company such as yours. Your feedback and service has been second to none, regardless of the speaker cable.
I really hope you continue with the Bantam products, and wish you every success, its certainly well deserved.

- Steve Matthews.

Hi John, Here's some feedback about your amp, and perhaps a few more questions, if you don't mind. Im using a Cambridge 640 version 2 CD and Amp, Dynaudio Audience 42 speakers, and homemade interconnects and speaker cables, using military spec silver coated copper ( which really have made a massive diference to my set up at least!!)
Compared to my Cambridge amp the Bantam displays greater clarity, especially with regards to voices and acoustic intruments. It has much more detailed treble, without being harsh or cold. The bass caries ample weight, often more than my Cambridge, with greater subtlty and again clarity with more complex bass found in some of my electronic music. With bass giutar in rock music, the realism is definately comparable to an actual bass guitar being in the room.
Perhaps the most important trait of the Bantam is the 3 dimensional sound produced in front the speakers - on albums with good production it is quite startling how inside the sound you appear to be. In fact this is so profound in my small flat this affect carries into different rooms to such a degree that it feels like the speakers are in more than just the living room! Again with electronic or more psychedelic rock music it is very pronounced.
The overall listening esperience, at lower/normal listening volumes is more relaxing than the Cambridge, though still without sacrificing dynamism in more up beat or challenging music. Also it shows the true nature of an album's production, a challenging trait perhaps to some, but not to me as a badly produced album is a badly produced album! Realism is of importance to me, even with my modest kit.

- Regards
Rich Foxcroft.

Hi John I came home last night and bored my wife for an hour about hi-fi. I stood in the kitchen listening to 'Best of Acid Jazz' on the Bantam and could not believe the quality. We went and listened to the same music in the conservatory on the Teac and Boses. No comparison. The living room was an unfair comparison as I have my big KEFs in there so they picked out more detail. I tried to describe hifi to her:
1. Vertical - how the equipment picks out frequencies ie from a bass drum to a soprano and does not concentrate on the middle stuff like cr@p Argos stuff
2. Horizontal - close your eyes and 'feel' the sound stage. It should not come out of two speakers in front of you.
She got it!!!
She said in the kitchen with the Bantam and DAC that she felt she felt the sound was 'around her'!
Hehe - maybe a hifi addict!

- Kind regards

As a Hi Fi Dweeb, (worse than a Nerd) for some thirty years I have owned/borrowed numerous combinations of equipment. I have owned such items as; Lux Valve Amp, (£1,000), Celestion SL600s, (£500), SP10 turntable, (£800) and most recently the original Sonic Impact T-Amp. My most significant up-grade was to purchase (£1,500) Townsend Isolda speaker cable, until now, that is. My Bantam recently delivered, has been running-in during the last week. There is only one word -- Astounding!
How can something so insignificant be so accomplished? This is the best amplifier I have ever owned, bar none. Well done Temple Audio!

- Ron Hayward, Somerset

WOW seriously WOW recieved amp yesterday morning and i thought i had a decent system onkyo 605 sony 350 bluray chord company hdmi through tannoy f4 custom !!! . Then i plugged your little monster into my vintage system pioneer pl514 deck, pioneer sx450 amp both 30 plus years old and marantz cd67 12 years old holy s*** the sound is stunning now i aint no audiophile but i am hearing things that i have never heard before in songs that i have listened to hundreds of times . i had read reviews about this amp saying aswell as side to side sound they could now here front and back sound and i thought ?????... but now i have listened to this baby for 24 hours i am hearing 360 sound and can place the singers and instruments .AND may i tell u my wife is impressed and thats one tough cookie with power pack i belive this to be the best pound for pound purchase any one at all could make .i am so pleased with this buy that i will be playing this baby as much as possible !!

- thanks a lot for your product.
John Hand, South Yorkshire

Hello, just a note to say my Sweetheart received his Bantam. He is over the moon with it. It works fabulously with his Quad Esl 57s. He's working his way through his CD collection and thoroughly enjoying the experience. He's hearing things that he has never heard before.
It makes him smile. Thank you for a great product and thank you for your brilliant service.

- Yours
Beth Pearson

Been listening now for a couple of hours and it's a definite improvement over the Nad. I started off with James Taylor live and his voice and guitar were crystal clear, more realistic than the Nad. I then played Gris Gris my favourite album by Dr John, the Bantam picked out the individual instruments and voices excellently as it also did with Yellow Moon by the Neville Brothers which could get a little muddy with the Nad. I was amazed at the power off the Bantam, with the volume set at nine o clock it is plenty loud enough for a smallish room, so up to now i feel very positive about the Bantam. I don't have any audiophile quality equipment to compare it with but i would say that anyone using a budget amp will find a considerable improvement with the amp.

- Ken Archer

Hi John, The amplifier arrived safely last Tuesday but unfortunately I have not had much of a chance to have a good listen to it yet (my wife is a sports fanatic and what with the start of the football season/world cup/cricket/paralympics/etc (TV and hi-fi in same room)). I had a short session last Friday and as you do when a new bit of kit is bought I was swapping CDs like mad trying to form an opinion. I listen to lots of different kinds of music, lots of acoustic guitar, rock/blues, female vocals, bit of classical and jazz. I put on Miles Davis "Kind of Blue" which I know quite well, listened to "So What" and the soundstage was pretty unbelievable, position of the instruments was spot on, especially the drums which I have never heard in such detail.
Another disc that impressed was John Martyn - In Session At The BBC. I suspect that, as with the T-amp, the Bantam will improve as time goes on, I will keep you informed. As you may have suspected no problems driving my very early Spendor BC1s.
I'd like to get hold of a pair of Tannoy dual concentrics (not the ludicrously expensive classic variety) to try with the Bantam, efficient so should be a good match, what do you think?
Thank you very much for this very nicely made amplifier, a great improvement on the T-amp.

- With best regards
John Ray

Hello John,
Bantam Amp Received Safe And Sound
In It’s Well Packed Box, Thank You.
I Must Comment Firstly On The Superb Build Quality Of The Unit From The Sturdy Posts On Rear And Large Frontal Metal Volume Control To The Black Metal Minimalist Finish It Oozes Class Unlike A Lot Of Cheap Ugly Plastic Hi-Fi Products On The Market At The Moment.
As A Record Dealer (Lionheart-Uk) With Quite A Large Collection (Just Over Twenty Four Thousand Lp’s, 12” And 45rpms) I Needed A Quality Amp That Would Be Able To Handle Performing 14 Hours A Day, For 364 Days A Year (I Afford Myself Christmas Day Off) At Various Volume Settings.
I’ve Run The Amp For 48 Hours Now Through My Linn/Akito Deck, Tec T-Preamp, Pioneer Legato Link Cd With Ffrc Cable And Can ‘Hand On Heart’ Say That It’s Certainly Blown Away The Pair Of Quad 303 (Bi-Amped And Bi-Wired) That I’ve Been Using As A Stop Gap For The Past Few Months Since I Sold My Naim Set Up.
My Main Concern Was That The Amp Just Wouldn’t Be Powerful Enough To Fill My Through-Lounge Using My Revolver R33 Speakers (89db Claimed Though Rated At 87db) But This Was Soon ‘Put To Bed’ As The Little Tripath Chipped Amp Produces More Than Enough Sound With No Clipping Or Rasping Whatsoever In The Higher Extremes.
The Bantam Produces An Amazing 3d Soundstage With Beyond Belief Imaging To Add To The Tight Bass On Both Vinyl And Cd, I’ve Been Dabbling With Hi-Fi Since The Late 1970’s And Have Yet To Be More Astonished With A Product Than I Have With The ‘Bantam’.
On First Listen The Amp Was Certainly Up With My Previous Naim Set-Up….After 48 Hours ‘Burn In’ It Noticeably Outshone It In Every Department With Clarity And Precision That I Didn’t Think I Would Ever Achieve On The Hi-Fi Ladder Without Selling A Kidney.

The Amp Would Be Very Hard To Fault If It Had A Price Tag Of £1000+ But At £69 It’s A “Lo-Pocket High-End Dream”. ……...And To Top It All It’s British, Well Done Lads.

- All The Very Best For The Future,
John (Lionheart-Uk),

I was so impressed with this amp I have ordered another one tonight - I can't get over the sound this little amp produces. I had the first one to use in a caravan driving some Fostex FE87 speakers, it sounded so good I thought I would try it in my main listening room on my Lowther Fideleo horn speakers with EX4 drivers (£5000 worth) in place of my Music Angle 845 valve amp. Wow. I can't say it is as good as the valve amp but it's not far away, So I have ordered the second amp to use as my main amp, which is cheaper to run and cost less than replacing valves on my amp. I will use my valve amp for special occassions when I want to sit alone and really listen to the music - also my valve amp looks very nice all lit up and keeps the room warm in winter.

- Once again thanks for a great product and excellent service.
Les, Staffordshire

I got my amp last week and have hooked it up to my project turntable and preamp. I've not got round to building my Fostex speakers so I've hooked it up to a couple of old Bang and Olufsen speakers I have. I don't have the specs for them but suspect they're quite sensitive and the amp has no problem driving them. I've been very impressed by the amp particularly it's clarity at low volumes.

- D Lovett, Leeds

I got my Amp in the post this morning.
Im very impressed, blown away in fact.

My Ipod and Wharfedale Speakers have never sounded so good."

- P Lawes, Norfolk