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Introducing the Temple Audio Harmony Phono Pre Amp.

The Harmony phonostage is a state of the art Phono Pre Amplifier.

The Harmony allows you to connect a record turntable to an amplifier which does not have a dedicated turntable input.

The Harmony is an avanced proprietary Temple Audio design which is fully made in England and offers higher performance than products many times its price tag.

The sound quality of the Harmony is highly detailed and transparent. With a great depth and authenticity that digitally stored audio will struggle to match.

New for 2019, we have now added a Moving Coil input version to our product lineup. Which features an external toroidal power transformer in a separate enclosure. With the same linear regulated supercharger power supply and Moving Coil optimised gain stages and passive RIAA stage built in to the Harmony.

The MC harmony is currently available in our store in black or silver, at a discounted promotional price.

In the harmony the RIAA equalisation is achieved using a passive filter network. It achieves the RIAA curve to within 1dB throughout the audio band, with the addition of an anti rumble filter.

High tolerance Japanese thin film resistors and German Film Capacitors are used exclusivesly throughout the design. The linear regulated power supply employs a bank of super capacitors for ultimate noise free dynamic performance.

Phono Pre Amplifier features

  • Modern High Performance Phonostage design
  • Moving Coil or Moving Magnet (with moving coil pedigree)
  • Built in Linear PSU with toroidal Transformer
  • Super Capacitor Power Supply
  • RIAA equalisation curve with advanced rumble filter
  • 47K 200pf load, 45dB signal gain (at 1KHz)
    for the moving magnet version.
  • 100Ohm load, 66dB signal gain (at 1KHz)
    for the moving coil version.
  • Load and gain can be adjusted on request.

Build Quality

  • All metal enclosure with CNC milled body and end panels.
  • Small, simple to use and and compact.
  • Gold plated brand name Connectors(Neutrik).
  • 3 Year Warranty as standard!
  • Made in the UK.

Like all of our products the Harmony is a very compact robust and reliable product.
Every part of the amplifier is completely made in England.
Electronic performance is achieved with the very best components available from around the world. The simple but solid build of the unit is reminiscent of very well made HiFi products from years ago.

Generous gain level.

Like all high quality moving coil phonostages. Which gives the optimal signal to noise ratio and wider compatibility. Be aware that some lower performing phonostages have a lower gain than what is optimal, because they cant achieve the performance at the standard level. Temple Audio Phonostages have the same or higher gain than cartridge manufacturers recommend.

Internal Power Supply.

The Harmony has a linear, regulated super capacitor buffered power supply built inside it. Simply connect the power cord and you are ready to go.

The moving coil version, has an external linear power transformer, and internal supercharger power supply.

The harmony will come with the appropriate mains power cord for your country, based on your shipping destination. We can supply power cords for any country in the world on request.

Upgrade your Audio Now.

The Harmony is backed up by a UK company, with full warranty and after sales support.


Purchase the Harmony Phono Pre Amp

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