Harmony 3 Preamp

3 input Active Preamp.

The Harmony 3 is a high quality preamp that we have designed to work with our monoblocks to create a complete HiFi System.

It has 3 inputs that can be selected using the front panel button. Along with adjustable volume, and high and low gain levels for each input.

It is available in black or silver and you can add a turntable input, and headphone output as optional extras.

The built in Linear Supercharger power supply and our advanced harmony preamp technology means it has vanishingly low background noise and distortion.

The Harmony 3 is available in Black or Silver.

With the harmony 3 we have achieved the low noise performance and transparency of a passive preamp in an active system. So you get the wide compatibility and generous volume level of an active preamp as well.

Optional Turntable Input.

We can add a Moving Magnet (MM) Tunrtable input with the same high performance as the standard Harmony Phono Stage.
The turntable input replaces one of the Line Level Inputs.

Optional Headphone Amplifier Output.

We also offer a headphone amp feature. So you can enjoy your music on headphones with ultra high performance. We add a full size (1/4") Japanese made headphone socket to the front for the headphone output. The audio is still sent to the preamp output on the back, which you can connect to your amplifier(s) as normal.

Just select the model from our store with the features you want.

Three LEDs on the front panel indicate which channel is selected.

In addition to the analog volume control, each input has a high and low gain setting. Which allows you to match quiet (or loud) sound sources with the rest of the system.
The gain level can be changed by holding the front button, and the LED display changes colour on that channel to indicate high gain has been selected.

Built in Supercharger Power Supply.

The Harmony 3 has a built in Supercharger Power Supply with 6 Super Capacitors arranged in to 2 banks.

Our Supercharger technology employs a toroidal mains transformer and a linear regulated power system to manage banks of super capacitors. Which in turn provides a source of super clean power for the analog circuitry.

The supercharger power supply works automatically. You just have to allow 10 minutes for the internal super capacitor banks to charge up when you first plug it in to the mains.

Like all of our products the Harmony is a very compact robust and reliable product.

The enclosure and electronics are entirely made by Temple Audio in England.

Electronic performance is achieved with the very best components available from around the world.
Channel switching is done using Japanese sealed relays.
The volume pot is a japanese 'alps' branded pot.
The capacitors are german film capacitors
Resistors are all 0.1% thin film resistors from premium suppliers and the super capacitors we normally use are from the USA.

The harmony 3 comes with the appropriate mains transformer and power cord for your country, based on your shipping destination. We can supply power cords for any country in the world on request.

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The Harmony is backed up by a UK company, with full warranty and after sales support.

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