Temple Audio Bantam Stealth

The temple audio Bantam Stealth is completely made in the North west of England.
It offers completely unrivaled sound quality in its budget price range.

New for 2020, the Bantam Stealth is a budget amplifier with class leading performance.

It employs the Temple Audio digital amplification technology that you cant get anywhere else, in a simple but durable package..

The stealth has many of the hallmarks of our higher end amplifiers, such as high efficiency, reliability, and great sound quality.

With a fixed volume output the Bantam Stealth is very simple to use.
Its at home in portable systems, high efficiency off grid systems, embedded or commercial systems. As well as producing exceptional quality in a home hifi system.

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The Bantam Stealth uses our fully balanced digital technology which avoids many of the drawbacks and compromises of previous amplifier technologies.

Because the power transistors work digitally, there is no possibility of crossover distortion that is common on class AB amplifiers and yet the efficiency is much higher.

Higher efficiency means more power goes to the speakers rather than being converted to heat inside the amplifier. Running cooler allows a smaller form factor, but also lower background noise and better long term reliability.

Critical to the performance of any digital amplifier is the output stage. The Bantam Stealth uses Temple Audios our proprietary output stage where each inductor is modified and wound by hand to give optimal linearity within the audio band.

We achieve the budget price on the Bantam stealth by making it very simple, without any special features. This means we can make it with very high quality components that make a difference to the sound quality.

Bantam Stealth Full Specification
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.02% (10W)
Power Efficiency 95%
RMS Power Output 25W
Signal to Noise Ratio: > 100dB
Output Type: Stereo Bridge Tied Load
Speaker Load Impedance: > 3.2 Ohms
DC Offset: < 5mV
Idle Power Draw: < 0.3W
Frequency Response: 7hZ - 28khZ*
Signal Input type: Line level AC Coupled
Power Supply Input Range: 5V - 24V DC**
Input Sensitivity: 500mV
Input Impedance: 23K
Voltage Gain: 26dB***
Dimensions: (approximate) 12cm(wide) by 4cm(tall) by 12cm(deep)

*Flat within 1dB.
**Standard PSU is 15V.
*** Gain level can be adjusted at the factory or by an experienced user.

Like all Temple Audio products, the Bantam Stealth is completely made in the North West of England. That means everything from the PCB to the enclosure is built in house by our experienced team in the UK.

Manufacturing in house has massive benefits.

  • Gold Plated Connectors.
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Completely Made in the UK.

Every Bantam Stealth Amplifier undergoes a comprehensive stress test and performance evaluation, which it must pass before it is released.

The Bantam Stealth is very easy to use. Just connect a line level signal to the input, and quality speakers to the output and play.

Its rugged construction and lack of moving parts makes it especially suitable for portable battery powered systems. But its equally at home in industrial or commercial environments where the amplifier may get some rough treatment.

High efficiency means it can be installed in a location with no airflow. There is no need to access the unit for maintinence. And it can be left on permenantly because it automatically drops down to a very low idle power draw when you stop the music.

System examples

  • Micro desktop amplifier.
  • TV speaker system
  • Portable music system for camping or festivals.
  • Automotive or marine audio system.
  • Solar powered 'off grid' system
  • Built in to a wall or ceiling for discrete home audio.
  • Built in to the speaker itself to make an active speaker.
  • Commercial Audio systems such as enterntainment, fitness etc.

The Bantam Stealth has a fixed voume output. You need to be able to adjust the volume of the signal you are feeding in to the Bantam Stealth to suit your listening level.

Signal Input Options

The monoblocks can be purchased with either an RCA/Phono connector for single ended input, or an XLR input connector for systems using balanced signals.

Balanced audio signals use two conductors for the signal circuit and a separate ground connection. With this type of connection noise picked up by the cable is cancelled out and potential ground loop issues are often eliminated. Which makes it particularly suited to noisy environments or complex systems like studios.

The amplifier topology inside the 2017 Monoblocks is fully balanced. So if you use the balanced input, then the audio signal remains balanced all the way to the speakers.

Standard Power Supply

The Temple Audio Monoblock uses an external power supply.
As standard it comes with a quality switch mode Power supply to meet the specifications above. It is an inline type of power supply not a plug top supply.

  • Powerpax UK Switch mode PSU
  • 15V 2.7A for 25W output
  • Suitable for worldwide use
  • Comes with a mains plug for your country
  • Standard 2.1mm DC socket

Power Supply Upgrades

The amplifier will accept between 5V and 24V.

Its high efficiency makes it ideal for battery power as well as linear power supplies. We have added the option to purchase the Monoblocks with our without a power supply in our store. In case you want to use your own power supplies.

The Temple Audio Bantam Stealth is backed up by a UK company, with full warranty and after sales support.