Temple Audio Supercharger

The temple audio Supercharger is a unique high performance linear regulated power supply which is designed to handle the difficult load of a class D power amplifier.

The supercharger represents an intelligent fresh approach to audio power supply design. Combining the latest in linear power technology with a deep understanding of digital amplifiers.

Recently many people have discovered that Class D amplifiers can outperform all rival technologies if they are given good quality clean stable power.
The supercharger has incredible current delivery for dynamic bass. Ultra low noise for background blackness. Unwavering stability in the most challenging conditions results in authentic and clear treble.
It takes the strengths of our amplifier technology and builds on them.

The bank of super capacitors in the supercharger give similar benefits to a battery system without any of the common drawbacks. They provide a local reservoir of pre regulated noise free power. We characterise the super capacitor as a black hole for noise. It continually absorbs unwanted signals (noise) in to itself.

The Supercharger uses a state of the art linear regulated charging system to charge the bank of super capacitors. Each super capacitor is individually protected and power is balanced evenly between the capacitors.

The supercharger has a heavy duty output cable with a high current DC plug that is compatible with all temple audio amplifiers.

The SuperCharger truly embodies the Temple Audio philosophy of achieving superior performance to products costing many times the price.

The Super Charger PSU plugs in to your system like any other external power supply. The only thing to keep in mind is they will need to be charged up for at least 20 minutes when you first plug them in. After that, they will remain fully charged as long as they are plugged in.

The output current is limited by a 5A fuse which is accessible from the back of the unit. This fuse will protect your equipment and cables in the event of a fault or short circuit downstream of the Supercharger power supply.

The SuperCharger is available in black or silver. Currently we offer a version to match the Bantam Gold Amplifierand a higher voltage version in a pair, for the monoblocks. Where one power supply per amplifier is highly recommended.
Both of these PSUs will raise the power of the amplifier above the standard PSU. More importantly it will offer improvements in every aspect of the sound.

Those are available now in the Store

5V Superchargers are now available in our store for those who want the very cleanest power for devices like DACs, streamers etc. 9V and 12V models are available on request.

If you're getting let down by the under engineered plastic power supply they include with low power audio devices, you can add the Supercharger for an instant transformation in build quality and performance.

This is our third generation super capacitor PSU which has additional protection mechanisms. So you can connect them to computerised devices without worrying about any damage during charging or discharging of the super capacitors.

US and Japanese customers: will get the 100V - 110V input model. However this may add 1 week to the turnaround time, as we convert the transformers to US voltage and then test them again thoroughly.

The Temple Audio SuperCharger is backed up by a UK company, with full warranty and after sales support.